1990, at the age of 22, Jörg Schauer becomes an independent watchmaker. His target is to manufacture high-class wrist watches which combine demanding technical solutions with exceptional design.

At the beginning, this target is achieved by constructing timepieces to the ideals of competent customers - the cases are manily made of gold or platinum. But soon he also starts to create watches pleasing his personal taste. Within 5 years more than 400 watches are made; they sell worldwide and make entrance into many collections.
1995 he carries out his plan to establish the brand "Jörg Schauer” in Engelsbrand/Black Forest, and presents the first collection. Trademark is a twelvefold screwed on bezel.
Design, prototype production, movement modification and refinement, case production, coating of the dials with fine lacquer and printing of the typographical versions on those - all this is accomplished by Jörg Schauer and his few, above-average qualified co-workers. (Necessary support is preferably obtained from suppliers of the region.)

This comprehensive range of activities enables Jörg Schauer to maintain the flexibility he achieved over the years - despite the switch to serial manufacture, customers can still have (serial) models which contains old stock movements or limited dials.

Schauers production is limited to 500 handmade watches each year. This makes a Schauer timepiece to something special and we hope that you enjoy the short journey through our webpage and the world of Jörg Schauers philosophy of watchmaking.
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